You may have a damaged window, requiring repairs. This may be following accidental damage or the window just failing due through old age.  In many cases, I can carry out a repair in situe by replacing individual cracked panes of glass.  If this was not possible then I would remove your stained glass to take to my studio, boarding up the space whilst repairs were carried out. 

Original stained and textured glass can be usually matched in order to maintain the authentic look and traditional lead came, the name of the lead strips used to make a window’s structure is always used in a like for like fashion.


If your stained glass window is reaching the end of its lifespan, I can carry out the required renovation.  This means that I would remove and rebuild your window using new lead, re-using the glass that is intact.

When you contact me, the first step will be for me to assess what is the level of attention your window needs.  Usually this can be via a visit or a few photos that show the condition of your stained glass clearly.

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