Stained Glass Repaired in Bristol

We can undertake repairs to stained glass or replicate designs that match with the orginal features of a property.   We are delighted to accept commissions to repair and renovate front doors, vestibule doors, fan lights, sky lights, interior door glazing and free-standing pieces.  Occasionally, we also work in other materials; for example, making wooden frames for decorative stained glass or repairing metal window frames.  Clients sometimes approach us to ask if their  purchase of a stained glass panel can be augmented to suit the proportions of a window frame or door at home.

We work with a variety of different glass makes and types when repairing stained glass panels for our clients.  We strive to match as best we can the textures and colours originally used.  Cracked or missing glass can often be repaired in situ with minimum disruption to a window.  More complicated repairs require a removal but usually work can be scheduled so that the window is reinstated within a couple of days.