The Stained Glass Factory, Bristol…

The colour, light, mood and vibrancy created by light through glass is a real pleasure, bringing an entrance to a property or room to life. Commissioning glass from The Stained Glass Factory is an opportunity to bring some of your own ideas to a design process to blend with some of ours. Our aim is to design a project that will transform an aspect of your home into something very unique and special.

The Stained Glass Factory is a Bristol based business that provides good quality, uniquely crafted stained glass windows that are good value for money. We take pride in the quality of our work, offer honest advice and do our utmost to provide a positive experience for our clients.  We travel to all parts of the south and south west to install commissions and to carry out repairs.

We can design, make and fit stained glass window panels of all different shapes and sizes, for many different situations, homes, styles and people. Our work comprises bespoke window panels, glass painting and fused glass products. Sometimes we combine these to make very unusual windows!  Many existing stained glass windows can be resized and encapsulated into double glazed units if you specifically require this style of glazing for your home. Panels and windows can be made with textured, fused, stained and painted glass, expanding the design possibilities of projects for your home or business.

Stained glass windows designed and made in Bristol