If you require double glazing for external windows and have frames that enable glazing units to be fitted  then my work can be made and then encapsulated into a double glazed unit.  UPVC window frames require double glazed encapsulated units. I regularly work with joinery firms to create windows for new doors and frames. The commission process will take you from design to the delivery/fitting of the encapsulated double glazed unit.

Creating an authentic style:

New windows can be made to suit the style of original windows that are already in place.  This new door, for example, needed a new window that suited the original stained glass set.

Commissioning Stained Glass:

When you contact me about stained glass I will take some details and gather enough information to be able to arrange a quotation.  If you are local then I would ask if we could arrange for me to visit your home before-hand to meet you, take measurements, have a chat around options and take a look at the glass colours and textures I commonly use.  My quotation provides a fixed price.


Should you decide to accept my quotation then I would invoice you for a twenty percent deposit.  I would then create three design drawings for you that would give scaled drawings showing the design proposals in colour.  It is common that design ideas are developed and changes made, sometimes a clear choice is made and the design process draws to a close. 


The next stage is to create the making plan(s) that will be used to cut the glass shapes and to build your stained glass.  Each shape is cut and ground by hand.  Once this is complete then the lead structure is made that hold each pane of glass in place.  The lead joints are soldered on both sides and of the new window and glass cement is applied between the glass and lead.  This weatherproofs the window and also improves rigidity.  Cleaning up is the final stage of manufacture.  It takes time to make sure that the glass and lead are clean.


Your completed stained glass would be fitted at a convenient time for you.  Old glazing is removed and taken away your new stained glass is fitted and the beading that holds it in place tidied up or renewed.

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