Commissioning Stained Glass

commissionsCommissioning your own stained glass panel gives you the chance to choose a style that involves some of your own ideas along with some of ours. The colour, light, mood and vibrancy can be a real pleasure, bringing an entrance to a property or room to life. Panels are custom designed to suit your home. If you are considering a commission, we hope that the following details will make the process we like to follow clear.


Initial Information

The purpose of this stage is to give us a chance to meet you, discuss what you require, measure the space that the stained glass will occupy and get a sense of what style may be suitable for your home. You are welcome to think about colours textures and styles or you are just as welcome to leave this to us. Some clients simply want us to replicate a stained glass design that was once a part of their property. The initial stage is completed by a written quotation that will be sent to you with a design proposal.


Design Options

design model

We will distill the information we have acquired into design proposals, up to three for you to choose from,  presented to you in the form of scale coloured drawings. Drawings represent the proportions of design ideas well but we do ask you to try and imagine the designs in light as this is difficult to show in design drawings. A proposals can be altered and adapted but if you would like further ideas after the three then these will be subject to an hourly rate. Drawings are usually sent to our clients electronically but you are welcome to request delivery of ideas on paper if you wish. Once a design is settled upon we will ask you for a twenty percent non-returnable deposit and the manufacture of your glass panel can begin.





Your panel will be started by first drawing out a cartoon showing each shape of the design.  Then, cutting each piece of glass is begun, further working some pieces it into precise shapes. Lead came is cut and fitted into the design. Joints in the lead are then soldered together on both sides of the panel followed by the addition of blackened putty to secure the glass within the lead, improve rigidity and waterproof the panel. The manufacturing process may take leadup to a few weeks to complete. We will give you an estimated completion time when the design of your stained glass has been agreed.   



­We can deliver your new stained glass panel to your home but and we would normally expect to fit our work as well. The time taken to fit your glass is factored into the quotation you receive so if you are planning to fit the panel yourself then please let us know during the initial stage so that your quotation reflects this. We can fit panels during evenings and at weekends so that your working day is not disrupted. We bring our own tools, coverings and equipment. An invoice for the work carried out is handed to you on completion of the project. Settlement of the account is due within two weeks of delivery/fitting.